See what others have been saying about Senior Care Management Partners:

Nita S, client’s spouse:

There aren’t enough words or the right ones to describe the deepest gratitude I feel for all you did Sue to take care of my dear husband. From the moment you walked into our home your caring and compassionate way of engaging was evident. During many difficult moments and decisions you were steadfast in your support, love and most importantly guidance. I couldn’t have managed without you. There are so many examples that come to mind but there is one that stands out. My husband had fallen, there was no evidence of any issue since all the vitals checked out. Because of your knowledge and after conducting your own checks, you determined it was important to get him to the ER. You spent over 6 hours with him to ensure they conducted all the tests before you brought him back. I have always admired your diligence, knowledge and thorough communication. It brought a great deal of comfort to me.

You enriched every moment of my husbands life during your visits. Your outings explored everything he loved. Your conversations allowed him to keep his cognitive abilities sharp. Few people are as lucky and blessed as we have been. You are and will always remain a part of our family. Given that my immediate family lives overseas, I know I am in trusted hands should I need help and care. Thank you.

Phyllis Smoyer, MD, referring physician:

I consulted Sue Wiesenberg about providing senior care management services for a family with complex needs. She did a thorough assessment and began work with the family as they faced multiple challenges. She provided excellent support, helped the family communicate effectively with numerous medical consultants and agencies and helped the family through their grief after their loved one’s lengthy illness and death. Sue always returned calls promptly and communicated clearly. She shows great empathy and respect for families and the highest professional and ethical conduct in her work.

Robert B, client’s son:

I was my mother’s primary caretaker for the last two and a half years of her life. Eventually, at 94 years old, she ended up in a skilled care nursing home. By that time, my mother had serious cognitive and pain issues. I was with my mother daily to speak and reminisce with her, but it also took continual efforts to help my mother with her medical issues. It was a lot to do, even for the staff. Fortunately, my mother had an M.D. friend who recommended that I get assistance from Sue Wiesenberg. Asking for Sue’s assistance was the best decision I made in caring for my mother. Sue was wonderful. She did almost everything needed to help me keep my mother comfortable, and even helped my mother notably recover physically and mentally on several occasions. She had a really positive impact on my mother’s quality of life. It was not only her clinical and advocacy skills, but also that she is a genuinely caring and friendly person who my mother really liked.

Sue visited my mother at least once a week to keep a close eye on her condition. Usually, she was there while I was, so we could discuss medical and environmental issues we saw and then respond right away. She was also very good with texts and emails. She performed exercises and cognitive activities with my mother, attended family meetings with the facility staff, and most importantly, she got things done that helped me too. She repeatedly arranged to have improved comforts delivered for my mother. By that I mean, she called companies and got things delivered, such as special air mattresses and other equipment, and if there were any issues, she followed up to get things working properly. She even ensured that my mother had CDs and a player of her favorite music to listen to.

Importantly, Sue was great for oversight of and interface with the nursing staff. She was wonderful to talk to about potential clinical issues arising (I also have clinical training), and if she saw anything of concern, she would bring it to the attention of the staff. They really respected her. All of this was fantastic, because sometimes family members do not have the credibility Sue had to make sure things are not overlooked for their loved one. It led to a great relationship with the nursing home staff, which is yet another big benefit for the family. To give an idea of what she did, even after my mother had passed, and how the staff felt about her, see the following note copied to me:

“Good morning Sue,

It was our pleasure to work with you and to assist in the care of Ms. B. I am including Liz who can assist with the medical records request as J has retired. We will have maintenance pack the air mattress and S can arrange a time for pick up. Please let me know if we can be of any further assistance.

Director of Nursing”

Basically, our family had our own private clinical representative visiting along with us. This was invaluable. Therefore, I can recommend Sue Wiesenberg as a care manager for a family member without reservation.

Karen D, client’s daughter:

Sue has been working as my mom’s care manager for approximately 3 years.  She coordinates mom’s Dr visits, goes with mom to her visits.  My mom is in assisted living.  She takes her on needed errands, makes calls into doctors.  And makes sure the lead nurse at the facility where my mom is staying gets updates on any changes to mom’s medications and if mom needs to be checked on after a minor procedure or doctor visit. Sue has given me and my mom a better relationship.   My mom and I have time now to do fun gatherings together.