Choosing a long-term care facility

Judy had an emergency hip replacement after a fall. She needs to be discharged tomorrow to a skilled nursing facility for several weeks of intensive physical therapy so she can walk again. And after that she may need to move into an assisted living.

The discharge planner has a list of options. But Judy and her daughter, who lives an hour away, don’t know how to make a wise choice.  

For short-term, urgent needs, you may be at the mercy of which facility has an opening at the time.

It pays to consult an Aging Life Care™ Manager who knows the reputation and personality of the local institutions. Combine that with a thorough understanding of your medical history, your insurance and financial resources, your personality and preferences, and your social support system, and you are more likely to get a match that will help you maintain good spirits and enjoy a speedy recovery.

Such insights and independence are even more important for long-term living situations. Choosing an assisted living community, a CCRC, or a memory care facility is a big decision. You want to get a good match from the start.

Touring these communities can be daunting.
A Google search delivers numerous options. They all put their best foot forward. But architectural features and social amenities are only superficial measures of quality. An Aging Life Care Manager has had other clients live in these facilities. He or she has a firm grasp on deeper metrics, such as the tone of the administrative leadership, the training and stability of the staff, the solvency of the company and the overall personality of the community.

An Aging Life Care Manager also knows current conditions in the market that can save you money. For instance, if a community happens to have a lot of openings, a lower monthly rate or entry fee could be negotiated.

Unlike “free” referral agents, you will be presented with all of the choices that make the most sense for your needs and personality, not just the communities that are willing to pay a kickback referral fee.

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